Justin Kan

Entrepreneur and investor, CEO and co-founder of Twitch and Atrium.

He is the co-founder of live video platform Twitch (acquired for $970mm by Amazon), as well as the mobile social video application Socialcam (acquired for $60mm by Autodesk), and on-demand maid service Exec (acquired by Handybook).

He was formerly a partner at Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, and has made over 100 angel investments, including Ginkgo Bioworks, Cruise, and Alto Pharmacy.

Justin is one the Silicon Valley’s leading advocates of mental well-being, and often talks about the techniques, habits and routines he utilizes to keep his mind organized, healthy, and tranquil.
As described in his Medium article “Feeling Good: Justin’s Program”, he is a proponent of Stoic practice of negative visualisation

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One Stoic practice I’ve adopted is negative visualization, the practice of imagining (with as much detail as possible), what your life would be like if something bad happened to you.

- What if you got cancer?

- What if you became paralyzed?

- What if your company fell apart and you had to get a job?

By imagining the worst case scenarios very vividly, two things happen.

First, you realize that you would adapt to them: the human mind and body are very adaptable and people have adapted to far worse things that you have or will likely ever experience. Second, when you are done you will wake up in your real life and realize how awesome it is.

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