Prevention of mental health illnesses is too hard.
- 20% of the population has a diagnosable mental illness
- mental illness impedes 1 in 25 people from leading their everyday lives.
- from 9 main reasons of developing depression 7 come from our lifestyle.

We are on a mission to change that and answer a question
how things you do influence how you feel and what you can do to feel better in the long term.

Right now stoic.
- helps tens of thousands of people.
- is profitable and quickly growing.
- was backed by YCombinator S19.

if you are into software - join us.

We are looking for a software engineer with an open mind and experience in iOS development. You are joining in the very beginning of our journey and will have a crucial role in designing and developing the product, so we value more a proactive generalists that are willing to learn new tech than hardcore lovers of a specific framework.

if you are into growing stuff - join us.

S grew organically to tens of thousands of users. Now it's the time to expand even more. If you love reading stories on how startups hack growth, love people and learning what they really need and how we can help them, have great english skills, want to learn how to build communities and even optimize acquisition funnels - it's a good fit

how to apply?

Contact us in a creative way.