World Mental Health Day 2023: Reflect with a Stoic Journal

World Mental Health Day 2023: Reflect with a Stoic Journal

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World Mental Health Day is approaching, marked on October 10, 2023. It's a day when people across the globe dedicate time to understand and nurture their mental health, exploring what supports and hinders the mind's well-being.

We, at stoic, urge you to spare some moments on this day to reflect upon the state of your mind and your feelings towards it. For our Stoic community members, you already possess a plethora of tools to delve into your mind and emotions. Breath work can act as a beacon of focus and tranquility, aiding immediate emotional regulation and carving out space for introspective inquiries into your thoughts and feelings. Journaling, a potent tool for self-discovery, can also act as a vent and a closure for overwhelming emotions.

Each week, we delve into a topic, uniting stoics worldwide to ponder upon the same array of questions. The journey is intimately personal, and each one of us is responsible for exploring and answering self-discovery questions. Yet, we also share the solace of knowing thousands are traversing the same path, asking the same questions.

World Mental Health Day serves as a universal call to understand your mental health and to bond with millions striving to fortify their minds and emotions. We warmly invite you to engage in a unique set of exercises and reflections, designed to facilitate inward contemplation, followed by an outward connection with one another.

Join our Guided Journal for World Mental Health Day 2023:

Thinking back to a year ago — last October: how has your mental health changed?

Do you feel more or less connected with your thoughts and emotions?

Explore the rest of this guided journal in the stoic app here.

World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2023, is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a reminder for us to take a moment and reflect on our mental well-being. By joining us in reflective journaling, you are taking a step towards self-discovery and mental resilience, contributing to a worldwide movement of mindfulness and mental health awareness.

Engage with our guided journal and share your reflections and experiences with our Discord community. Let’s build a mindful and supportive environment together!

We hope you find tranquility and self-discovery wherever you are. Here’s wishing you a mindful World Mental Health Day 2023 from stoic.

Want to reflect on how far you've come?

Finish our self-care guided journal for World Mental Health Day ↓