Try Journaling Suggestions in stoic.

Try Journaling Suggestions in stoic.

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Journaling just got a lot more personal.

We are excited to unveil the Journaling Suggestions feature, powered by Apple's innovative Journaling Suggestions API. This addition in iOS 17.2 revolutionizes how you capture and reflect on life's moments, big and small, directly within stoic.

Preview of Stoic app's Journaling Suggestions feature on iOS 17.2, with an interactive prompt to document life's moments. Users can narrate the stories behind photos, share impressions of new places, recount initial meetings with friends, pen reasons for favorite songs, and reflect on fitness achievements, making every experience a potential journal entry for personal growth and mindfulness.
A preview of Journaling Suggestions in stoic.

Introducing Journaling Suggestions in iOS 17.2 ✨

📸 captured a photo or video? write the story behind each frame.

🗺️ discovered a new place? describe the vibe.

🤝 made a new friend? jot down what sparked the connection.

🎶 got a song on repeat? scribble down why you can't get enough of it.

👣 counting your steps? reflect on where each one led you.

💪 powered through a workout? express what motivated you.

Now, every moment and every encounter is a muse for your journal.

Update your iPhone to iOS 17.2 and try out the 'Journaling Suggestions' feature here.

Enhanced Personalized Journaling

stoic’s Journaling Suggestions use Apple's API to offer prompts based on your daily activities. Capture the essence of a photo, the memory of a place, or the triumph of a workout. This feature is designed to deepen your reflection while ensuring your privacy.

Seamless and Private Integration

Every suggestion in stoic is a chance for introspection. Review and choose content to include in your journal with the option to edit titles. Your data remains on your device, or securely on your personal iCloud as part of stoic's premium feature, ensuring your journaling experience is private and secure.

Diverse Journaling Assets

Stoic offers a rich array of assets for journaling – from photos to locations and workouts. The intuitive design ensures a smooth and enjoyable journaling process, allowing you to curate your journal content thoughtfully.

Privacy and Security

Stoic is committed to your privacy. We don't collect personal data, and everything stays on your device or your personal iCloud if you choose to back up and sync. The Journaling Suggestions feature adheres to this philosophy, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security.


Join us in embracing this new way of journaling with stoic. Update to iOS 17.2 to explore the Journaling Suggestions feature, and discover the depth and beauty in everyday moments. We're excited for you to start this new journey of reflection and self-discovery with stoic.

Want to try out personalized journaling suggestions?

Update to iOS 17.2 and let stoic do the rest.